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Plenary session

•    Is a recession coming? Shall the global economy expect new adverse development scenarios?
•    A globalization catch: will the new trade wars and sanctions lead the world to another split?
•    Globalization in the information era:  opportunities, threats and challenges of technological revolution for the global economy.
•    Global communication and branding in the digital economy landscape:  how effective digital strategies add value to a brand.


Launching a global brand: a vital necessity or a risky experiment?

What companies need it and why

•    International brand expansion:  a thorny path from testing the waters to deep localization. Step-by-step guide. 
•    Glocalization as the other side of globalization: why regional differences retain and strengthen rather than subside as expected.  Which brands are easier to localize
•    "Lost in translation": is the national colour an advantage or a disadvantage to attract clients abroad?  
•    Call me:  how a  brand communication platform can attract foreign consumers, get them into dialogue and earn their loyalty
•    Do not go wrong when choosing the way.  Brand management in the era of digital globalization: how to manage a brand when cost of errors is getting higher and higher


Information technologies

Changing the technological pattern - a new challenge for the mankind or new opportunities?

•    We want change: how global technological trends change the business models and a person's behaviour worldwide
•    From preventive care to building up a tolerance.  Global cyber-resistance - the reachless Utopia or the nearest future?  
•    Can domestic technologies become a new driver for the Russian economy and a key export sector? Everything is for sale?  Which Russian developments are most encouraged abroad? 
•    Tanks fear no dirt.  And does soft fear sanctions?  
•    Thirst for digital sovereignty.  Global and Russian experience of state regulation in information security: how to make a distinction between necessary and sufficient


Digital economy

About complicated technologies in the language of business

•    The first year of operation of Digital Economy national project: will Russia become a digital winner by 2025?
•    Analyse it: new intellectual solutions and data mining of business processes
•    The abyss of disappointment:  why is blockchain coming to a standstill
•    Does your company management still ignore neural networks? How to say No to business monotony
•    Digital transformation on the move: how to secure crucial infrastructure? 
•    Digital era of business consulting: from traditional consulting to acceleration of projects and ideas
•    Augmented and virtual reality technologies as grounds for the new computational platform in the framework of industrial revolution 4.0
•    Is it easy to be digital? Experience in building up a digital ecosystem



Motherland hears? Motherland knows?

•    First results of national project International Cooperation and Export: what has been done?
•    A new tools portfolio of financial governmental support to exporters:  is the process under way? 
•    Taking administrative and regulatory hurdles:  key amendments to tax, currency and customs laws in 2019-2020
•    National strategies to encourage export: effective or not and how to make investments more efficient? 
•    Hit the gas! How do the state programmes of export acceleration work to involve companies in exporting massively? 
•    As transparent as a glass:  will digitalization become a new effective tool to fight against corruption? 


Engineering, aviation and space industry, transport

Will Russia cut its oil dependence?

•    Engineering, is it still the driving force of the intellectual and industrial development of the country? 
•    Efficient development of the military and industrial complex as a key player of the Russian economy development. Why has the Russian weapon export hit the iron ceiling?  
•    But we make rackets, though.  How to increase export of space technologies and services. 
•    Aircrafts are the first thing.  Why is the Russian military equipment sold better than the civil one? 
•    Run, engine, run! The ways digital transformation at transport facilitates competitiveness of companies in the sector and enhances quality of their transportation and logistics services


Fuel&Energy, metal industry, chemicals

How global trends change business models of major Russian exporters

•    "Decarbonise it!" the green are marching.  Is the world approaching a new energy crisis?  Why is the global fossil fuel divestment gaining momentum?
•    Carbon bubble: is its bursting imminent?  Are the natural resources of Russia measured reliably? 
•    Global challenges and trends of development of renewable energy sources
•    A good name is better than gold:  what we have learnt from the "dirty oil" accident in the Druzhba pipeline.
•    Paris Agreement ratification:  is Russia ready to offer own global agenda for energy market development?
•    Key factors of competitiveness for global petrochemical industry:  internal and external challenges to alter the industry development model
•    Our hearts need changes:  how Russian metal industry can flow into the era of innovation and cement its place on the global market


Global development regulators

Professionals about taxes and law

•    Transformation of the legal framework at globalization: When ignorance is no excuse. Tools to secure interests of exporters and export-oriented entities abroad
•    Spirit of contradiction: can the national and international laws converge? 
•    Certification, patenting, licensing:  how to take technical hurdles and confirm compliance of own products with the international standards
•    You have to share! International tax flows at globalization



What an honour it is to be a human being

•    The role of human capital at globalization: are people the new oil? 
•    Rise of the robots:  the entire story on digital workers.  How will digital economy impact the labour market? 
•    Burn, burn brightly:  how an entity's corporate culture can lead to workers' burnout in the era of digital transformation
•    To each according to their contribution:  how globalization alters the employment model, size of salary and of social guarantees
•    Export of jobs as an inevitable by-product of globalization. Is Russia at risk?


Sustainable development: the greens are coming

Economics must be eco / logical. Progress and ecology - are they exclusive?

•    Harmonization of humans, nature, technologies, business and the state in the global world - is it vain wishes or the key for survival? 
•    Greening of public consciousness in the era of globalization: its impact on economy and geopolicy
•    Generation of Greta Thunberg tosses a challenge: how young environmentalists become a key driver in the global economy. 
•    What can business do to assess fairly and improve its ecological efficiency
•    The Green Transition: who will benefit from the climate agenda today? 


CSR: we are responsible for everything

How corporate strategies align with the needs of mankind, nature and humans

•    Improving the quality of life as top priority for the sustainable development concept
•    Integrating the values and principles of sustainable development into corporate strategies
•    How corporate social responsibility programmes influence business efficiency, its investment appeal and satisfaction of staff and consumers 
•    Esse quam videri (To be rather than to seem): a new understanding of corporate social responsibility in the context of globalization
•    How to make corporate social responsibility projects more efficient: best Russian and international practices

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